About Me!

Hello everbody! My name is Alie and I own Stevie's Mirror, The Blue Lamp, The White Winged Dove Blog, and Intense Silence: The Sisters of the Moon Fanlisting. I live in Pennsylvania. When I was little I always liked listening to '70's and '80's music. Every night before I would go to bed, my dad would play Human Wheels by John Mellencamp for me. The only songs I new of Stevie's and Fleetwood Mac's were Gypsy, Edge of Seventeen, and Peacekeeper. I didn't know anything about them I just liked those songs. Then when I was in 4th grade, my dad put in The Dance concert and I wanted to watch it with him so I did. Through out the entire thing, I was commenting on Lindsey's guitar playing and Stevie's platform's and dress. I remember watching Rhiannon and thinking that she looks really pretty when she holds her arms up and the chiffon is dripping down. The next day, I took The Dance CD in my room and listened to it for a while and then brought up my dad's other Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks CD's. Since then I have been a die hard fan of them. On June 3, 2005 my dad and I went to go see Stevie and Don Henley at the Wachovia Center in Philedelphia, Pennsylvania on the Two Voices Tour. We were on the floor in section 4. We weren't really close to the stage but it was still a rockin' show! I wore my black skirt and tank top with my black Stand Back shawl, top hat, and black sandals with a small heel. (I have high heels but there was no way I was going to keep them on my feet that long.) I did bring a camera with but my pictures didn't turn out well because I took them with a disposible camera. If I get the time, I wll scan them and post them here. When I was in 6th grade I did my music project on Stevie and made a poster. If I get time I will put a picture of that up also. I also showed the class Edge of Seventeen from the Red Rocks Concert. Of course I showed them Edge. Edge is my fave song! I got an A on that project. To this day I am an even bigger fan than I was. I have a microphone hooked up to my guitar amplifier on a microphone stand with ribbons. I put on my skirts and dresses and sing to her music and play my tambourines.

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