November 2006

November 28

According to this article, Stevie will be releasing a greatest hits album this spring. The article also talks about her Soldier's Angel Foundation which gives iPods to injured soldiers.


November 23



November 7

Stevie is going to be playing a concert at the Coliseum at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on December 8. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster


November 4

Added a new wallpaper. It has lyrics from Tom Petty's song, "Running Down A Dream". I thought it was appropriate since they just got finished touring together. All new wallpapers are going to be on the second page!

November 1

Stevie is done touring with Tom Petty. The NicksFix has some reviews of some of the shows. Stevie is performing at Caesar's Palace again in Las Vegas. You can visit Ticketmaster for tickets. And there isn't really anything much in the Stevie world. Lindsey did release a new album called "Under the Skin". You can click here to order it from Amazon.